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First Choice Exhibitors at glasstec 2018

BDF Industries S.p.A., 13 / E55
Head Office and Sales Department

Vicenza, Italy

Gob Forming and Delivery The molten glass flows from the melting furnace into the thermal conditioning Foreheart. Once the right thermal homogeneity and viscosity are reached, the feeder mechanism cut the string of liquid glass into gobs of the...

Via dell´Industria, 40
36100 Vicenza
Phone: 0039 0444 286100
Fax: 0039 0444 286 299
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.bdf.it

Bertram Bildverarbeitung GmbH, 13 / D55

Bevern, Germany

Orientator Recognises with an image processing system the orientation of the container Quickly and efficiently turns the product to the correct...

Philipp-Reis-Straße 3
37639 Bevern
Phone: 0049 5531 9955 0
Fax: 0049 5531 9955 50
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.bertram-bildverarbeitung.de

Bertram Elektrotechnik GmbH, 13 / D55

Bevern, Germany

Optimised material handling technology Our Line control system has been designed specifically for the "cold end" of the container glass industry. It includes electrical and control technology engineering, switch gear manufacturing, installation and...

Philipp-Reis Straße 3
37639 Bevern
Phone: 0049 5531 9955 0
Fax: 0049 5531 9955 50
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: 天天斗牛www.bertram-elektrotechnik.de

cibite AG, 14 / F20

Donauwörth, Germany

Our product pallet covers the entire spectrum of quality assurance in the glass production area and is suitable for: Container glass Flatware glass Solar glass Medical glass, etc。 Because of our expertise in quality assurance in glass。。。

Posthof 4
86609 Donauwörth
Phone: 0049 906 99998230
Fax: 0049 906 99998239
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.cibite.ag

ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen, 12 / C53

天天斗牛Ellwangen, Germany

天天斗牛Design and manufacturing company of screen printing machines for the decoration of glass hollowware, and of UVitro surface treatment units; Uvitro surface treatment ensures lasting adhesion of UV inks to glass. ...

Rindelbacher Straße 36 - 40
73479 Ellwangen
Phone: 0049 7961 8860
Fax: 0049 7961 88644
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: 天天斗牛www.isimat.de

OGIS GmbH, 15 / A31

Düsseldorf, Germany

glassglobal Group Network Special consultancy for glass makers and processing companies. The "Glass Technology Area" demonstrates the process of glass production to prospective customers. The areas cover the complete production process from...

Grafenberger Allee 277-287
40237 Düsseldorf
Phone: 0049 211 280733 0
Fax: 0049 211 280733 22
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.ogis.de

Pneumofore S.p.A., 13 / A71
Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors

Rivoli, Italy

Leader in vacuum systems for IS machines, Pneumofore developed the largest air-cooled single stage rotary vane vacuum pump worldwide, the UV100. FULL PRODUCT RANGE To accommodate any customer need or application requirement, we offer different...

Via Natale Bruno 34
10098 Rivoli
Phone: 0039 011 950 40 30
Fax: 0039 011 950 40 40
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.pneumofore.com

VMA GmbH, 14 / A21

Ilmenau, Germany

Supplier of Equipment for non-contact Measuring and Control Equipment, particularly non-contact Glass Thickness Measuring Sytems for Container Glass, Float Glass, Display Glass and Glass Tubes as well as a comprehensive Range of Instruments for the。。。

Gräfinauer Straße 2
98693 Ilmenau
Phone: 0049 36785 5870
Fax: 0049 36785 58799
Email: Enter Contact Form
Internet: www.vma-online.de

Advanced Energy Industries GmbH, 15 /D14

Warstein-Belecke, Germany

Thyro-Family - Made for glass Advanced Energy presents the new Thyro-Family featuring the Thyro-S, Thyro-A, Thyro-AX and Thyro-PX digital SCR power controllers. Advanced Energy´ SCR power controllers switch or regulate electrical energy in...

Arkema SA, 13 / D84

Colombes Cedex, France

For glass manufacturers : Certinadvance(R) : new combination of product and equipment for hot and cold end coating. Hot end coatings with Certincoat(R) : Applying a uniform hot-end coating of tin-oxide, to a glass container provides an...

BENTELER Maschinenbau GmbH, 15 / E11

Bielefeld, Germany

Our machines and system solutions You expect passion, outstanding technology and quality。 Our machines consist of these components。 The dedication to glass。 And that for more than 60 years。 Because, a machine is more than the sum of its。。。

Bock Energietechnik GmbH, Hall 13 / F90

Floß, Germany

We are acting in many areas of the glass industry like packaging glass, fiber glass, container glass, flat glass, glass wool and houshold glass. In these industries we are competent for melting furnaces, feeder and especially for special...

Deltarack BVBA, 10 / H57

Hoogstraten, Belgium

Glass racks for transport and...

Ernst Pennekamp GmbH & Co. KG, 14 / E12
Head Office

天天斗牛Ennepetal, Germany

Supplier of Annealing Lehrs, Coating Technology, Stacker, Conveying, Transport, Packing and Warehouse Technology, Handling...

EVERLAM N.V., 10 / B38

Mechelen, Belgium

EVERLAM makes and sells EVERLAM(TM) polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for architectural laminated safety glass。 Tough, available in a range of clear and colored products, it is used by glass laminators worldwide to produce attractive, durable and。。。

Fickert & Winterling Maschinenbau, 13 / A94

天天斗牛Marktredwitz (Bayern), Germany

Cast glass rolling machines: Cast glass rolling machines for continuous operation to produce Solarglass as well as figured, rough, wired and coloured glass。 Equipment for Flat Glass Production, Sheet glass drawing machines, FOURCAULT system and。。。

Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH, 11 / H50

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany

Producer of extrudierte PET...

Günther GmbH, 14 / E04

Schwaig, Germany

Industrial up-to-date temperature measurement. Thermocouples and resistance thermometers as well as balance or thermoelectric...

IRIS Inspection Machines, 14 / C22

Bron Cedex, France

EVOLUTION 12 : Sidewall, Stress inspection & Selector Revolution in mechanical design EVOLUTION 12 offers 12 views of the same bottle: 6 angles of shooting, each having 2 high-resolution cameras covering the full body...

Kaltun Mining Co., 14 / D10

天天斗牛Aydin, Turkey

Producer supplier of sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, quartz and mica. Kaltun serves with more than 100 products ranging from <10mm to <10micron, in all packing types like paper bags on pallets, big-bag, or bulk. Kaltun classified its...

Lizmontagens Lda., 15 / C41

Lisboa, Portugal

Supplier of glass furnaces, cold and hot repairs of glass tanks, refractory materials procurement and。。。

LuoYang DaYang High-performance Material, 12 / D13

LuYang, China (People´s Republic)

We are experts for Fused Cast AZS Materials。 AZS-33, AZS-36, AZS-41 , fused cast Al2O3 α-β blocks and unshaped Refractories, Z-95 High Zirconia Blocks, Glass industries Refractories Materials and Insulation Materials, we also offer。。。

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG, 12 / B23

Tamm, Germany

Mara(R) Tech MGO (pad & screen) MaraTech MGO is a onecomponent and at the same time highly resistant ink for glass materials and metals. It can be processed in screen and pad printing. Advantages Cost-efficient: One-component baking ink...

Sommer Informatik GmbH, 9 / A19

Rosenheim, Germany

WINISO(R) Calculation of heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf values according to EN ISO 10077-2:2018 as well as Ufr, Ueg and Ucg values according to ISO 15099 and NFRC The easy-to-use FEM software "WINISO(R)" imports .dwg or .dxf...

Waltec Maschinen GmbH, 13 / B45

Wilhelmsthal, Germany

Fully automatic production lines with PLC/CNC electronic control Electronic gob feeders and electronic shears Electronic gob feeders with up to 4 different gob weights for feeding IS-machines Ball gatherer ROBOT V Automatic glass presses with。。。

ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH, 13 / A31

天天斗牛Wertheim, Germany

Batch Plants Cullet Plants Automation Modernization Engineering Factory Cullet Recycling Glass Recycling Batch Charging Glass Level Controlling Preheating Maintenance &...

FUCHS Lubricants (UK) Plc, 14 / C37

Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

The VITROLIS product name encompasses grinding and cutting media, moulding oils and swabbing compounds for the flat glass, container glass and optics industries. Cleaning agents, release agents and other auxiliary materials for all applications...

AMBEG Dr. J. Dichter GmbH, 14 / F11

Berlin, Germany

cm.project.ing GmbH, 13 / B34

Jülich, Germany

Cugher Glass S.r.l., 16 / D41

Novate Milanese, Italy

Forma Glas GmbH, 13 / E73

Neukirchen an der Enknach, Austria

Haselsteiner GmbH, 12 / A49

Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria

Horn Glass Industries AG, Halle 13 / B33

Plößberg, Germany

LWN Lufttechnik GmbH, 13 / G45

Wilsdruff, Germany

Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH, 13 / E73

Petting, Germany

Pieper GmbH, 14 / F56

Schwerte, Germany

RHI GLAS GmbH, 13 / D83 – D89
天天斗牛RHI Magnesita

天天斗牛Wiesbaden, Germany

UAS Messtechnik GmbH, 15 / D13

Viechtach, Germany

Saati S.p.A., 12 / E50

Appiano Gentile/CO, Italy


Bremen, Germany

Adelio Lattuada Srl, 16 / E40

Carbonate, Italy

Area Impianti S.p.A., 13 / F64

天天斗牛Albignasego - PADOVA, Italy

Atlas Copco, 15 / C03

Hertfordshire,, United Kingdom

Bucher Emhart Glass, 14 / F20

Cham 2, Switzerland

Bundesverband Glasindustrie e. V., 10 / E22

Düsseldorf, Germany

Car-Met S.r.l., 13 / G09

Cimetta di Codognè (TV), Italy

Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (DGG), 11 / G04

天天斗牛Offenbach (Hessen), Germany

EME GmbH, 15 / B39

Erkelenz, Germany

Emirates Float Glass LLC, 10 / A60

天天斗牛Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE

EMP-Glass GmbH, 14 / G28

Berlin, Germany

ESMA, 12 / D45

Sint-Joris-Winge, Belgium

F.I.C. (UK) Limited, 13 / G63

Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

FeneTech Inc., 14 / F38

Aurora, Ohio, USA

Fives Stein, 13 / D90

Maisons-Alfort, France

Fonderie Valdelsane S.p.A., 13 / B03

Monteriggioni (SI), Italy

Fosbel GmbH,

天天斗牛Mönchengladbach, Germany

futronic GmbH, 13 / E73

Tettnang, Germany

Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG, 12 / E46

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Gardner Denver Schopfheim GmbH,
Systeme Wittig

Schopfheim, Germany

Glasfachschule Zwiesel, 9 / G60

Zwiesel, Germany

Glaston Finland Oy, 15 / A41

Tampere, Finland

Hangzhou Needindex Info-Tech Co.,Ltd., 10 / B67-3
China Glass Network

天天斗牛Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (People´s Republic)

HarbisonWalker International, 13 / E53

天天斗牛Moon Township, PA, USA

HEGLA GmbH & Co. KG,

Beverungen, Germany

Heye International GmbH, 14 / C12

Obernkirchen, Germany

Intermolde - Moldes Vidreiros, 13 / C71-D72
Internacionais, Lda.

天天斗牛Marinha Grande, Portugal

Interpane Glas Industrie AG, 10 / G38

Lauenförde, Germany

Italcarrelli Srl, 15 / E39

Chiampo (VI), Italy


Moritzburg, Germany

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, 9 / A41

Düsseldorf, Germany

Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG, 15 / B39

Lohr am Main, Germany

Obeikan Glass Company, 10 / B46

Yanbu Industrial city, Saudi Arabia

Optris GmbH, 14 / G30

Berlin, Germany

Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd,
(China Vacuum Glass Group Co.,Ltd.)

Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Rath AG, 14 / A15

Wien, Austria

Renold GmbH, 13 / F28
Tooth Chain Drives

Gronau ( Leine ), Germany

Ross Europa GmbH, 13 / D47

Langen (Hessen), Germany

Scheuch GmbH, 13 / F71

Aurolzmünster, Austria

Sklostroj Turnov CZ, s.r.o, 13 / D73

Prepere, Czech Republic

Sparklike Oy, 14 / B38

Helsinki, Finland

Stara Glass S.p.A., 13 / A30

天天斗牛Genova, Italy

StekloSouz, 10 / B19

Moscow, Russian Federation

The Chinese Ceramic Society, 10 / G68

Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

TIAMA, 14 / F34

Vourles, France

Vertech´, 14 / A34

Chalon-sur-Saône, France

Vesuvius France S.A., 12 / D04

Feignies, France

Vitrobudowa Sp. z o.o., 12 / F08

Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland

Vitrosep S.L., 15 / F50

Figueres (Girona), Spain

VITRUMA GmbH & Co. KG, 13 / B45

天天斗牛Wilhelmsthal, Germany

XPAR Vision B.V., 13 / D15

Groningen, Netherlands

Zecchetti S.r.l., 13 / F73

Montecchio Emilia (RE), Italy

A & L RONDOT SAS, 13 / D21

Champagne Au Mont d´Or, France

A+W Software GmbH, 14 / E28

天天斗牛Pohlheim, Germany


Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam



Actyx AG, 10 / H19

München, Germany

AGC Glass Europe, 11 / B42

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Air Liquide GmbH, 12 / D14

Düsseldorf, Germany

Akar Makina San. Ltd. Sirketi, 15 / F39

天天斗牛Eskisehir, Turkey

Alati Stuhne Ltd., 14 / F12

Pregrada, Croatia

AL-FARBEN S.A., 12 / A33

Alcora / Castellon, Spain

Alfaref GmbH, 13 / G59

Heide, Germany

Algas SDI, 15 / F11

Seattle, WA, USA

Allnex Belgium SA/NB, 11 / G55

Drogenbos, Belgium

AnHui YinRui Glass Machinery Co. Ltd., 11 / G45

Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China (People´s Republic)

Antique Mirror SpA, 9 / A30

Sovicille (SI), Italy

Antonini S.r.l., 13 / F03


Archivet s.a.s., 9 / G21

天天斗牛Cornaredo (Milan), Italy

Arcotec GmbH, 12 / C23

Mönsheim, Germany

Ardakan Float Glass Co., 10 / F28
Head Office

Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic

Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe SAS, 15 / F09

天天斗牛CHARTRES Cedex, France

Ashton Industrial, 15 / A23

Essex, United Kingdom

Asian Glass, 13 / G46
Editorial Department

London, United Kingdom

Atlantic Machinery Ltd, 15 / G50

天天斗牛Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

ATP adhesive systems AG, 9 / B56

Wollerau, Switzerland

AURUM Security GmbH, 9 / A61

Frankfurt, Germany

Ayrox S.c.r.l., 12 / C35

Brussels, Belgium

B. Beyer GmbH,

Köln, Germany

Barbaric GmbH, 12 / A18

Linz, Austria

BASF SE, 15 / E49
Basf - The Chemical Company

Ludwigshafen, Germany

Beijing All Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd, 10 / B67-2
All Brilliant Technology

天天斗牛Fengtai, Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Beijing Aoptek Scientific Co., Ltd., 9 / G07

Beijing, China (People´s Republic)


Shunyi District, Beijing City, China (People´s Republic)


Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Beijing Pujinli Science & Technology, 11 / F67
Co,. Ltd

Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Beijing Xingxingyuan Materials Co., Ltd., 12 / B71-3

Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Bekintex N.V., 12 / A36

Wetteren, Belgium

Belfortglass S.r.l., 16 / E17
天天斗牛Zanetti Glass S.r.l.

天天斗牛Belforte Monferrato (AL), Italy

Bengbu Chaoyang Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., 11 / G12

Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China (People´s Republic)

Bentrup Industriesteuerungen, 9 / G20

Fernwald, Germany

Bestroom Co., Ltd, 11 / G11

Gangneung City, Gangwondo, South Korea

BF Bundesverband Flachglas e.V., 10 / E20

Troisdorf, Germany

Biebouw b.v.b.a., 14 / G04

Ruiselede, Belgium

Biebuyck Ets. S.A., 13 / E63

Houdeng-Goegnies, Belgium

Binder + Co AG, 15 / B32

Gleisdorf, Austria

Blokkiln BV, 10 / C56

天天斗牛Bussum, Netherlands

Böcker AG, 9 / C56

Werne, Germany

BOHEMIA MACHINE s.r.o., 12 / E27

582 91 Světlá nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

Bohle AG, 9 / A42

Haan, Germany

Bovone Diamond Tools S.r.l., 16 / E41

天天斗牛Ovada, Italy

Bundesverband Wintergarten e.V.,

天天斗牛Berlin, Germany

Burakcan GlassMold Ltd., 14 / E22

Bahçelievler, Istanbul, Turkey

Burgalassi S.r.l., 17 / A03

Casciana Alta-Lari / PI, Italy

Bürkle GmbH, 12 / A22

天天斗牛Freudenstadt, Germany

Busellato Glass Moulds s.r.l., 13 / D12

Summaga di Portogruaro (VE), Italy

BVSolutia EuropeBA/SPRL (Eastman Chemical), 11 / A42

天天斗牛Zaventem, Belgium

C.M.S. Group, 16 / B58

Zogno / BG, Italy

Cairo Glass Manufacturing Co., 10 / H42
Al Gouda Glass Co.

10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

Caitian Industrial Materials Co., Ltd., 9 / A68

Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

CEFLA S.C., 16 / D59

Imola (Bo), Italy

Cera Handels GmbH, 17 / C73

Ruderatshofen - Immenhofen, Germany

Ceramic Colors Wolbring GmbH, 12 / A49

Höhr Grenzhausen, Germany

Cerinnov Group, 12 / A73

Limoges Cedex, France

Cerion GmbH, 12 / A49

Minden, Germany

ChangShu Alpha Glass Mould Company, 10 / A78-3

Changsu, China (People´s Republic)

Changshu Brother Glass Mold Co., Ltd., 12 / C73

Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China (People´s Republic)

Changshu Jianhua Mould Technology Co., 12 / E14

Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China (People´s Republic)

Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacturing CO., LTD, 12 / F23

Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

Changshu Weiheng Mould Manufacture Co., Ltd, 13 / G90

Changshu, Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

Changshu Xingshun Mould Co., Ltd., 11 / F71-1

Changshu, Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

Chemetall GmbH, 15 / E49
Division Glas

天天斗牛Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Chengde Huafu Glass Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd., 12 / F61

Hebei, China (People´s Republic)

China E&N Film Technology Co.,Ltd, 10 / F47

Foshan, China (People´s Republic)

China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., 10 / H58

天天斗牛Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd., 10 / H67

天天斗牛Qinhuangdao City, Hebei province, China (People´s Republic)

Chongqing Life Furnace Technology Co., Ltd., 10 / A76-4

Chongqing, China (People´s Republic)

Cimec Oy, 14 / G38

Tampere, Finland

CO.M.S.S. s.r.l., 14 / G55

Pesaro / PU, Italy

Cofral, 13 / G83

Ozoir la Ferrière, France

Colcom S.r.l., 9 / A24

Nave (BS), Italy

Colorobbia España S.A.,

Villafames (Castellón), Spain

COMENZA S.L., 10 / C58

天天斗牛Lugo, Spain

Comercial CBM 95 S.L., 10 / E57

Arenys de Munt (Barcelona), Spain

Commersald Impianti s.r.l, 13 / A03

Modena, Italy

Condat, 14 / G13

Chasse-sur-Rhône, France

Cooltemper Ltd, 12 / A49

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Cortex Glass BV, 14 / A04

Groningen, Netherlands

CR Laurence of Europe Ltd., 10 / A48 – B48

Rochdale, Lancs, United Kingdom

Creative Resins, 15 / C49

Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom

Creative Resins Distribution Limited, 9 / C46
CRD Limited

Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom

CURA Glass b.v., 11 / A23

ME Lopik, Netherlands

DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, 13 / G64

天天斗牛Leipzig, Germany

DBinformation S.p.A., 16 / E11

Milano (Mi), Italy

Decorative Resins International Ltd., 9 / B29

East Farleigh, Kent, United Kingdom

DeCoSystem S.r.l., 12 / A09

天天斗牛Calenzano (Firenze), Italy

Denver S.p.a., 16 / B61

Gualdicciolo, San Marino

DIAS Infrared GmbH, 14 / C38

Dresden, Germany

Dias Turnov s.r.o., 12 / F26

Turnov, Czech Republic

Die Kugelspirale GmbH, 9 / A23

天天斗牛Pulheim, Germany

DIGREGORIO S.r.l., 10 / D46

Crispiano / TA, Italy

DIP-Tech, 11 / B42
Ferro Corporation

Kfar Saba, Israel

Dogo S.r.l., 16 / D03

Lacchiarella (MI), Italy

Dr. Gold & Co. KG, 9 / G24

Düsseldorf, Germany

DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd., 13 / E91

Nr Buxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Duezeta S.r.l., 9 / D54

Abbiategrasso (MI), Italy

Eastman Chemical Company, 11 / A42

Jing An District, Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

eco in, 17 / B13

Warszawa, Poland

Edgetech Europe GmbH, 17 / C61

Heinsberg, Germany

EKANG TECH Co.,Ltd., 15 / F03

Shihung City, South Korea


Benfleet, Essex, United Kingdom

Eliar A.S., 15 / A42

Istanbul, Turkey

Eltosch Grafix GmbH, 15 / D21

Hamburg, Germany

Emirates Glass LLC., 10 / A60

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE

Emmeti S.p.A., 13 / C64

Montecchio Emilia (RE), Italy

Empakglass LDA, 13 / A08

Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Portugal

Ergo Robotic Solutions, 9 / F41

Glens Falls, NY, USA

Erichsen GmbH & Co. KG, 15 / D24

天天斗牛Hemer, Germany


Nangis, France

Erteka UAB, 15 / 15-03

天天斗牛Panevezio raj。, Lithuania

Esomatec GmbH, 15 / A16

天天斗牛Mellinghausen, Germany

Euroglas GmbH, 11 / D12

Haldensleben, Germany

Euromatic S.r.l., 13 / E56

天天斗牛Treviglio (BG), Italy

Eurostar Concrete Technology S.p.A., 15 / A56

Pavia di Udine, Italy

Eurotech Way SRL, 15 / D56

S.Antonino di Casalgrande (RE), Italy

EWK Umwelttechnik GmbH, 15 / G30

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Excelsius Global Services GmbH, 15 / E51

Lohr am Main, Germany

Fabricacion de Maquinas, S.A de C.V., 13 / F29

Monterrey N。L。, Mexico


Empoli ( FI), Italy

Faraone s.r.l., 11 / H20

Tortoreto, Italy

Farbglashütte Reichenbach GmbH, 9 / A09

Reichenbach, Germany

Faymonville Distribution AG, 11 / A69

Weiswampach, Luxembourg

FC S.r.l., 9 / D22

天天斗牛Cavezzo (MO), Italy

FEMAK Srl, 9 / E54

Castelnuovo R. (MO), Italy

Fenzi SPA, 16 / D22

Tribiano (MI), Italy

Ferlam Technologies, 13 / E41

Roubaix cedex 1, France

Fermac S.r.l, 12 / A19

天天斗牛Parma, Italy

Ferro GmbH, 12 / B49

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, 11 / G19

Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany


CP, Vilasacra, Girona, Spain

FIMA Olimpia Fonderie S.p.A., 13 / A48

Barberino val d´Elsa (FI), Italy

FIMOR SAS, 12 / D49

Le Mans, France

FKG Fachverband Konstruktiver Glasbau e.V., 11 / F46

天天斗牛Köln, Germany

FlammaTec, spol. s r.o., 15 / E08

Vsetin, Czech Republic

Fonderie Bartalesi S.r.l., 13 / A13

Poggibonsi (SI), Italy

FOR G, s.r.o., 14 / E37

Duchcov, Czech Republic

FOREL S.p.A., 16 / A21 – A41

Vallio di Roncade (TV), Italy

Forglass Sp. z o.o., 13 / D16

Krakow, Poland

Forvet S.r.l, 16 / D40

Volvera, Italy


Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Foshan Huadi Metal Produce Co., Ltd., 10 / E48

Foshan City, China (People´s Republic)

Fratelli Pezza SRL, 16 / F20

Clusone, Italy


Suzhou, China (People´s Republic)

FUSE TECH International GmbH, 15 / B39

Lohr am Main, Germany

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd., 10 / C66

天天斗牛Fuqing, Fujian, China (People´s Republic)

Gauzy Ltd., 11 / A41

Tel Aviv, Israel

GEA Bischoff GmbH, 14 / F49

Essen, Germany

Gebr. Schmid GmbH & Co.,, 12 / A69-4

天天斗牛Freudenstadt, Germany

Gebr. Willach GmbH, 9 / G32

Ruppichteroth, Germany

GfE Fremat GmbH, 12 / F47

Brand-Erbisdorf, Germany

GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH, 12 / F47

Nürnberg, Germany

G-FITTINGS, 10 / E56

Emmerich am Rhein, Germany

ghs / glass GmbH,

Dresden, Germany

Giancarlo Perego SpA, 13 / G71

Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI), Italy

Giardina Finishing srl, 12 / B19

Figino Serenza (CO), Italy

GLAMACO GmbH, 15 / B21

Coswig, Germany

Glasfabrik LAMBERTS GmbH & Co KG,

Wunsiedel-Holenbrunn, Germany

Glass Service srl., 13 / F13

San Miniato (PI), Italy

Glass Service, a.s., 15 / D11

天天斗牛Vsetin, Czech Republic

Glass Technology Services Ltd, 14 / F64

Chapeltown, Sheffield, United Kingdom

GLASSBEL Baltic, 11 / D42

天天斗牛Klaipeda, Lithuania

Glassline Corporation, 13 / B61-4

Perrysburg, OH, USA

Glassman Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd, 11 / A72

Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Glassworks Hounsell Ltd, 13 / B87
Hounsell Engineering

Halesowen, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Glass-wrap®, 10 / H19

Lennestadt, Germany

GlasWeld Europe bv, 9 / B24

Maastricht, Netherlands

Global Combustion Systems Ltd, 13 / G29

Bathgate, United Kingdom


Venissieux, France

GMV A/S, 9 / D53

Lemvig, Denmark [incl. Greenland], Denmark

GNC Metalli S.A.S., 16 / F61

Pesaro (PU), Italy

GoldRays Factory, 10 / B68-5

Foshan, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

GoldRays Office, 10 / B68-5

Foshan, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Good Brilliant Industrial Co., Ltd., 17 / A06-2

Gongming Town, Shen Zhen, , Boa An Dist。, China (People´s Republic)

GRADEL s.à.r.l., 11 / H35

ELLANGE, Luxembourg

Graphoidal Developments Ltd., 13 / D21

Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Grateful Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd, 16 / A68

天天斗牛Foshan City,Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, 15 / D23

Asbach-Bäumenheim, Germany

GroGlass SIA, 11 / F18

Riga, Latvia

GTA Glastechnik-Anlagenbau GmbH, 15 / G39

Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany

Guangdong Shunde Timbery Technology Glass Co.,Ltd., 11 / A64

Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Guangzhou Baojun Glass Co., Ltd., 12 / F72
Baojun Glass Material CO.,LTD

Guangzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Guangzhou Kedalong Hardware Tool Co, 9 / C67-3

Guangzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Guardian Glass Europe, 11 / B42

Bertrange, Luxembourg

Guilin Champion Union Diamond, 10 / G67
Co., Ltd.

Guangxi County, Guilin, China (People´s Republic)

Gulf Industrial Limited, 9 / D16

Kwai Chung,, Hong Kong (P.R. China)

GWFS, s.r.o., 9 / F27

天天斗牛Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia

Habasit GmbH, 11 / G40

Eppertshausen, Germany

Hangzhou Jinggong Machinery Co. Ltd, 12 / A67

Hangzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co., Ltd., 17 / C03

Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China (People´s Republic)

HANIC GmbH, 14 / A56
Software for Glass

Bochum-Wattenscheid, Germany

Hardware and Glass Group Limited, 10 / D28

51840 Hongkong, China (People´s Republic)

HARKE Services GmbH, 10 / E46
Aicello Chemical Europe GmbH

Mülheim a。d。 Ruhr, Germany

HASAL Ltd. Sti., 9 / G17

ULUS - Ankara, Turkey

Hebei Andy Mould Co., Ltd., 13 / G72

Huanghua City, Hebei Province, China (People´s Republic)

Helima GmbH, 17 / C19

天天斗牛Wuppertal, Germany

Helios Italquartz S.r.l., 16 / F03

Cambiago, Milano, Italy

Helmut ROHDE GmbH, 9 / G16

Prutting, Germany

Henan Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co., Ltd, 13 / G92

Zhengzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Heraeus Holding GmbH, 12 / C27

天天斗牛Hanau, Germany

Hexad Industries Corporation Limited, 10 / C46

Qingdao, Shandong Province, China (People´s Republic)

hi-tech Glass Hardware Industrial, 9 / A57

天天斗牛Foshan, China (People´s Republic)

Huakai Plastic(Chongqing)Co,.Ltd., 11 / A76-10

Chonqing, China (People´s Republic)

HyGear B.V., 12 / E20

天天斗牛AV Arnhem, Netherlands

Icebel, Lda., 14 / F19

天天斗牛Marinha Grande, Portugal

IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH, 17 / C72

天天斗牛Hasselroth, Germany

Ihara Furnace Co. Ltd., 13 / A81

Osaka, Japan

Imaca B.V., 13 / D21

Middelburg, Netherlands

Impianti Novopac S.r.l., 14 / A03

天天斗牛Alessandria, Italy

Industrias Galtes, 10 / D58

Castellbisbal (Barcelona), Spain

Inhom 98 Ltd., 13 / A89

Aksakovo, Bulgaria

Inspection Systems, 14 / G34

Heaton Mersey, Stockport, United Kingdom

INTCO GmbH, 13 / E85

Weiden, Germany

Interglass S.A. de C.V., Interglass S.A. de C.V.
Glass forming lubricants

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Intermetal S.A., 10 / B20

Kallithea, Athens, Greece

Intraco Corporation, 10 / D40

天天斗牛Troy, MI, USA

IOCCO, 16 / D41

Cupello (CH), Italy

IRF Europa Srl, 12 / A68

Preganziol, Italy

Italmatic Presse Stampi S.r.l., 15 / B49

55012 Capannori (Lucca), Italy

Italmole s.n.c., 15 / C25

Fizzonasco di Pieve Em., Italy

J. Schmalz GmbH, 11 / G24

Glatten, Germany

Jade Hardware Co., Ltd., 10 / D47

Guangzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Janbac S.A., 11 / H55

Vernouillet, France

JEFFER Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd, 12 / B71-5

Chongqing, China (People´s Republic)

Jiangmen Jiangyi Machinery Co., Ltd., 9 / E08
(Jiangmen Jiangyi Industrial Co. Ltd.)

Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Jinan Hot Sealant Material Co., Ltd, 17 / A04-2

天天斗牛Jinan, Shandong, China (People´s Republic)

Jinan Weili Machine Co.Ltd, 17 / C40

Jinan City, China (People´s Republic)

Jingmen Chuda Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., 13 / F18

Jinmen, China (People´s Republic)

JM Canty, Inc., 14 / G60

Buffalo, New York, USA

Jörg Hanowski Studio Glas, 9 / D62

Hattingen, Germany

Josef Gartner GmbH, 11 / D42

Gundelfingen, Germany

JoTiKa (Midlands) Software Ltd, 17 / A10

Worcestershire, United Kingdom

JSJ Jodeit GmbH, 15 / B21

Jena-Maua, Germany

K. Schulten GmbH & Co.KG, 11 / F68

天天斗牛Emsbüren, Germany

KAVEH Glass Industry Group, 11 / B04

Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic

KBA-Kammann GmbH, 12 / B33

Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

KDRILLS S.r.l., 15 / G29

Alfonsine (RA), Italy

Kibing Group (M) Sdn Bhd, 10 / F60

Sungai Gadut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Kin Chi Li Machinery Co., Ltd, 11 / F04-1

420 Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

King Construction Hardware Co,. In, 9 / G27
Office & Sales

天天斗牛Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, China (People´s Republic)

King Construction Hardware Co,. In - Factory, 9 / G27

Kaiping City, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

King Construction Hardware Co,Ltd Factory, 9 / G27

Kaiping, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

King´s Metal Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd., 12 / A30

Taipei, Taiwan, R。O。C。

Kingboard Fogang Specialty Resin Co., Ltd, 14 / F46
PVB film for laminated glass

Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Klein Iberica, S.A., 9 / B40

Montcada i Reixac, Spain

KL-megla GmbH, 9 / C42

Eitorf, Germany

Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH, 17 / C20

Pirmasens, Germany

KSK, s.r.o., 13 / F63

Ceska Trebova, Czech Republic

KSL Staubtechnik GmbH, 15 / D21

Lauingen/Donau, Germany

KTG Engineering, 13 / B62

Sheffield, United Kingdom

KTG Systems Inc, 13 / B62

Wexford, PA, USA

Kuida Polymer Material Technology(Kunshan) Co.,Ltd, 12 / E73

Kunshan, China (People´s Republic)

Kum Sung Diamond Co. Ltd, 9 / E10

Inchon, South Korea

LandGlass Technology Co.,Ltd., 12 / F52

Luoyang, China (People´s Republic)

Langendorf GmbH, 11 / C14

Waltrop, Germany

Lansing Fahrzeugbau GmbH, 10 / H77

Vreden, Germany

Lattimer Ltd., 13 / E33

Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom

LayTec in-line GmbH, 14 / G56

10709 Berlin, Germany

Liaoning Lewei Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd., 11 / D71

Liaoning Provience, China (People´s Republic)

LiaoNing North Glass Machine Co. Ltd., 11 / H68

Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China (People´s Republic)

Lihyann Industrial Co., Ltd., 11 / F04-4

Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

Linn High Therm GmbH, 11 / A62

Eschenfelden, Germany

Lisec Maschinenbau GmbH, 17 / A26

Seitenstetten, Austria

Logli Massimo Spa Unipersonale, 10 / E38

Prato (Po), Italy

Guanya Glass Hardware

FoShan City, GuangDong, China (People´s Republic)

Lombarda Macchine S.a.s., 17 / C04

Castano Primo, Italy

LOXEAL S.r.l., 9 / A05
天天斗牛Engineering Adhesives

Cesano Maderno (MI), Italy

Luben Glass Srl, 14 / F03

Offanengo (CR), Italy

Luoyang Fuchong Machinery Co., Ltd., 12 / B09

Luoyang District, Henan, China (People´s Republic)


Luoyang City, Henan Province, China (People´s Republic)

Luoyang North Glass Technology (Group) Co., Ltd, 12 / B53

Luoyang, Henan, China (People´s Republic)

Lüscher Technologies AG, 12 / C22

天天斗牛Bleienbach, Switzerland

MACOTEC S.r.l., 16 / D60

Rogolo/ Sondrio, Italy

MAGNA Glaskeramik GmbH,

Teutschenthal, Germany

Makor SRL Unipersonale, 16 / E02

Sinalunga (SI), Italy


Gallarate (VA), Italy

Manta - Wessling gbr, 9 / D62

Erfstadt, Germany

Manz AG, 12 / C64

Reutlingen, Germany

Mappi International S.r.l., 16 / D39

Cisterna di Latina, Italy


Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maroso S.r.l., 15 / F28

Pianezza / VI, Italy

MARPOSS GmbH, 14 / B20

Weinstadt, Germany

Marrose Abrasives, 15 / G38

Keighley, United Kingdom

Maschinenbau Riebsamen GmbH & Co. KG, 11 / G17

Allmannsweiler, Germany

Materion Corporation, 12 / C14

Mayfield Heights, OH, USA

Maul Technology, 14 / G04

Winchester, IN, USA

Maxon International N.V., 12 / E71

Vilvoorde, Belgium


天天斗牛Aprilia / LT, Italy

Megadyne s.r.l., 10 / H40

Mathi (TO), Italy

Mekatek Mekanik Kalıp Tekniği Ltd. Sti., 13 / G03

天天斗牛Istanbul, Turkey

Merck KGaA, 11 / E06

Darmstadt, Germany



Metalglas Bonomi Srl, 10 / E58

Lumezzane, Italy

METRA - VERRE, 13 / D04

Blangy-sur-Bresle, France

MHG Strahlanlagen GmbH, 12 / D23

Düsseldorf, Germany

Micamol, S.L., 14 / E03

Barcelona, Spain

Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH, 14 / A38

Ortenburg, Germany

Mistrello Officine S.r.l., 16 / F57

天天斗牛Ponso (Padova), Italy

Mole Moreschi S.r.l., 16 / F41
Diamond Wheels

San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), Italy

Monofrax Inc., 13 / B61-7

Falconer, NY, USA

Mopavid, S.L., 14 / D03

Badalona, Spain

Motim Fused Cast Refractories Ltd., 13 / B13

Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

Movetro SRL, 16 / B41

Carmignano di Sant´Urbano, Italy

MU nv / G-Lehrs, 14 / A07

Heist op den Berg, Belgium

Mure & Peyrot, 11 / H67

天天斗牛Bordeaux Cedex, France

Nabertherm GmbH, Nabertherm

Lilienthal, Germany

Nanjing Kin Yong Fa Plastic Mfg., 10 / A68-4
Co. Ltd.

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China (People´s Republic)

Nanjing New Neeyo Glass Industrial Co., Ltd., 11 / F71-3

Nanjing, China (People´s Republic)

Nanjing Xinshu Machinery Co.Ltd, 13 / G94
(Nanjing Shuguang Machinery Co.Ltd)

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China (People´s Republic)

Nedex Kimya San. ve Tic. A.S., 17 / A22

4 Kartal/Istanbul, Turkey

Neptun S.r.l., 16 / B60

Rovello Porro (CO), Italy

New Hudson Corporation, 13 / A47

New Hudson, MI, USA

NIROX srl, 14 / E48

Borgosatollo, Italy

Nogrid GmbH, 15 / C51

天天斗牛Bodenheim, Germany

Nol-Tec Europe S.r.l., 14 / F55

Gorgonzola / MI, Italy


GIVORS, France

NSG Pilkington, 10 / D38

Lathom, United Kingdom

OCS Glass s.r.l., 15 / F55

Robecchetto con Induno (MI), Italy

OKALUX GmbH, 11 / D42

Marktheidenfeld, Germany

OmniDecor S.p.A., 11 / C18

Mosciano Sant´Angelo ( TE), Italy

OMS S.p.A., 13 / E71

Paruzzaro (NO), Italy

Omso Spa, 12 / D67

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Omya GmbH, 15 / G58

Köln, Germany

Optima S.r.l., 16 / A61

S. Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), Italy

OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH, 9 / D02

Aldersbach, Germany

Ori Mould Technology Co. Ltd., 13 / F53

Changshu, Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

Otto-Glastechnik GmbH, 9 / A33

Germering, Germany


Tarsus - Mersin, Turkey

PANDA Glass Machinery Factory, 12 / D64

Nanhai, Foshan , GD, China (People´s Republic)

Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd., 13 / A63

Halifax, W。 Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Pasco Industrieklebstoffe, 9 / A11

St. Paul Lav., Austria

P-D Refractories GmbH, 13 / C63

天天斗牛Wilsdruff, Germany

Pellini S.p.A., 11 / B60

Codogno (LO), Italy

Pennine Industrial Equipment Ltd, 13 / C84

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries Ltd, 10 / H20

Nazaret Illit, Israel

Pilkington Bauglasindustrie GmbH, 10 / D38

天天斗牛Schmelz/Saar, Germany

Planet GDZ AG, 10 / A35

Tagelswangen, Switzerland

PLANSEE SE, 13 / D71

Reutte/Tirol, Austria

Plasmatreat GmbH,

Steinhagen, Germany


Willich, Germany

Poco Graphite, Inc., 13 / G81
An Entegris Company

Decatur, TX, USA

Polpur spol. s.r.o, 12 / F32

Turnov, Czech Republic

Polytron Technologies, Inc., 10 / C30

Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Pomdi-Herramientas de Diamante S.A., 15 / C55

Meco, Madrid, Spain

Precitec Optronik GmbH, 14 / G22

Neu-Isenburg, Germany

Printing Systems International Co. Ltd., 12 / C67

Xiamen, China (People´s Republic)

Prinz-Optics GmbH, 11 / D42

Stromberg, Germany

Prodiamonds Hardware Co.,Ltd, 9 / B63

Jiangmen, Guandong, China (People´s Republic)

Prodim International BV, 14 / B12

Helmond, Netherlands

Profilglass S.P.A., 16 / A60

Bellocchi di Fano (PS), Italy

Pröll KG, 12 / C45

Weißenburg, Germany

Pro-Sight, 14 / G10

Dewsbury, United Kingdom

Putsch Meniconi Spa, 11 / G58
Putsch Group

Poggibonsi, Italy

Pyrotek Inc., 13 / B48

Spokane Valley, WA, USA

Qianshan County Liulin Brush Roller(Anhui) Co.,Ltd, 16 / A16

天天斗牛Anqing City, Anhui, China (People´s Republic)

Qingdao Chengye Glass Company, 10 / E26

Qingdao City, China (People´s Republic)

Qingdao Globalstar Glass Co.,Ltd., 10 / D27

Qingdao, China (People´s Republic)

Qingdao Haisen Glass Co.,Ltd., 10 / A68-3

Qingdao, China (People´s Republic)

Qingdao Jinjing Co.,Ltd, 10 / H66

Qingdao, China (People´s Republic)

QingDao Laurel Enterprise Co.,Ltd., 11 / D68

QingDao, China (People´s Republic)

Qingdao NPA Industry Co., Ltd., 12 / F73

Qingdao, China (People´s Republic)

Qinhuangdao Tucheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd., 12 / E43

Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China (People´s Republic)

Qinhuangdao Zhongyuan Glass Technology, 14 / G61
Engineering Co., Ltd

Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China (People´s Republic)

Quantum Engineered Products Inc., 13 / B47-2

Saxonburg, PA, USA

R.B.M. Italia s.r.l., 16 / A40
di P.Reynaud & C.

天天斗牛Baldicheri (Asti), Italy

R.C.N. Engineering s.r.l., 12 / A53

Albairate, Milan, Italy

RBB Brazzi Roberto SRL, 16 / F19

Imola (BO), Italy

REFEL S.p.A., 12 / F25

S. Vito AI Tagliamento Pordenone /PN, Italy

Refmon Zrt., 13 / E19

Mosonudvar, Hungary

Regalead Ltd., 10 / C40

Sharston, Manchester, United Kingdom


Cernusco Lombardone (LC), Italy

Reinhardt-Technik GmbH, 17 / C60
Dosing- and Mixing-Technology

天天斗牛Kierspe, Germany

Revimac S.r.l., 13 / E15

Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy

Rider Glass Company Limited, 10 / D20

Qingdao, China (People´s Republic)


Pescantina, Italy

Rise Group, 13 / D21
IS Engineering AG

Zug, Switzerland

Ritec International Ltd, 9 / F02

London, United Kingdom

Rizhao Huaye Glass co.,ltd, 10 / B76-4

Rizhao city, Shandong province, China (People´s Republic)

Robert Kappel Flachglastechnik GmbH, 11 / A03

Memmingen, Germany

ROLLTECH A/S, 16 / B21

Hjorring, Denmark

Rongsheng Glass Nigeria Limited, 9 / C61

Benin City, Nigeria

Rosario Productie bv, 12 / F37

Dongen, Netherlands

Rothstein Metallgurte GmbH, 14 / F48

Gummersbach, Germany

RoviSys, 13 / B61-3

Aurora, OH, USA

RS technology GmbH, 15 / F41

Fürth, Germany

Ruitai Materials Technology Co.,, 10 / F65

Chaoyang district, Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Safina A.S., 12 / D19

Vestec, Czech Republic

Sahand Jame Tabriz, 10 / F78
Sahand Glass Group

Tabriz, Iran, Islamic Republic

Sankoo Verhuur en Service B.V., 10 / F55

Bergeijk, Netherlands

Satinal Spa, 12 / F27

Erba - Como, Italy

SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH, 13 / C76

Halsbrücke, Germany

Schiatti Angelo S.r.l., 16 / F22

Seregno / MB, Italy

Schollglas GmbH, 11 / B12

Barsinghausen, Germany

SCHOTT AG, 11 / B42
Advanced Optics

天天斗牛Mainz, Germany

Schraml Glastechnik GmbH, 17 / A26

Großraming, Austria

Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH, 14 / F21

Heuchelheim, Germany

sedak GmbH & Co KG, 11 / D42

Gersthofen, Germany

Sekisui S-Lec BV, 11 / F50

Roermond, Netherlands

SEVASA, 11 / A04
Sdad Española Vidrios Artisticos SA

Vacarisses / Barcelona, Spain

SGU Glass Technologies Co., LTD, 11 / B71

Shunde District, Foshan City,, China (People´s Republic)

Shandong Guangyao Super-Thin Glass Co., Ltd., 10 / C68-4
Shouguang Yaobang IMP.&EXP.Industry

Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Shandong Hongrui Petrochemical Co., Ltd., 17 / A06-4

Jinan, China (People´s Republic)

Shandong Taishan Huayue Glass Co., Ltd., 9 / B30

Taian City, Shandong Province, China (People´s Republic)

Shandong XY International Trade Co., Ltd, 17 / A04-6

Jinan, China (People´s Republic)

Shandong Yaohua Glass Co.,LTD, 10 / A78-1

Jinan, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Haojing Glass Co., Ltd, 9 / C63

Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)


Baoshan District, Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai MeiBang Plastic Co.,Ltd., 10 / H74

Shanghai Baoshan, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Pony Technology Co., Ltd., 12 / D62

天天斗牛Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)


Minhang district, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Suntech Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., Hall 12 / A05

Shanghai Qingpu District,, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Transtar International Inc, 12 / E70

Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Xiangyu Diamond Tools Factory, 11 / A76-2

Shanghai, China (People´s Republic)

Shanghai Zichuang Coating Technology Co.,Ltd., 12 / B70-5

Shanghai, Jinshan District, China (People´s Republic)


Shenzhen, China (People´s Republic)

Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., 12 / F70

Shenzhen, Shajing Town, Bao´an, China (People´s Republic)

Shenzhen Huacai Glass Machinery Co., Ltd, 12 / C62

Shenzhen, China (People´s Republic)

Sheppee International Ltd, 13 / D21

Elvington, York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Foshan, China (People´s Republic)

Shunde Hiseng Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., 16 / A04

Foshan, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

SignTronic AG, 12 / A23

Widnau, Switzerland

Sika Deutschland GmbH, 11 / A55

Bad Urach, Germany

Siléane, 15 / F32

St。 Etienne, France

Simtech, 11 / F07

Froyennes, Belgium


ZIBO, China (People´s Republic)

SIPAC S.p.A., 13 / C64

Fontevivo (Parma), Italy

Smart-Builder Limited, 10 / A53

London, United Kingdom

SOCABELEC S.A., 13 / G49

Ham-sur-Sambre, Belgium

Softeco Oy, 12 / C35

天天斗牛Helsinki, Finland


Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria

Sonicam SA, 13 / D21

St Symphorien d´Ozon, France

Sono Tek Corporation, 15 / D21

Milton, NY, USA

South Glass Technology Co., Ltd., 11 / F72

Shunde district, Foshan city, China (People´s Republic)

SPAMI Srl, 12 / E19

Piombino Dese (PD), Italy


New Delhi, India

Sphinx Glass, 10 / F38

Cairo, Egypt

Sputtering Components, 12 / F03

Owatonna, USA

Star S.r.l., 13 / A12

Borgo San Michele (Latina), Italy

Steinbach AG, 15 / E50

Detmold, Germany

Stewart Engineers, 13 / B23

Wake Forest, NC, USA

Strada s.r.l., 13 / E45

Abbiategrasso ((MI), Italy

Strainoptics, 12 / C35

North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA

Stromizmeritel JSC, 15 / G43

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

Shichuang Glass Machines

Changzhou, Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

SULAK, 11 / H40
Glass Working Machinery

天天斗牛Lanskroun, Czech Republic

SunBell S.R.L., 11 / H57

Rovato (BS), Italy, Italy

Suqian CNG New Materials Co.,Ltd, 10 / B68-4
China Glass Holdings Limited

天天斗牛Suqian, China (People´s Republic)

SURAGUS GmbH, 17 / C10

Dresden, Germany

Synerglass-Soft S.A., 14 / E70

Sprimont, Belgium

System Res, 14 / F10

Winnezeele, France

Taizhou Wanda Stained Glass Co.,Ltd, 10 / B76-2
天天斗牛Taizhou Wanda Color Painting Glass Co.,Ltd.

Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (People´s Republic)

Talamoni S.N.C., 9 / F39

Ornavasso (VB), Italy

TamServices Oy, 15 / G52

Tampere, Finland

Target Hardware Factory Co., Ltd., 9 / F10

Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Tecglass S.L., 16 / D22


Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH, 17 / C11

天天斗牛Lohfelden, Germany

Technoservice Snc, 13 / E62

天天斗牛San Michele Tiorre (PR), Italy

Tecno5 S.P.A., 12 / F55

S。Polo di Torrile (Parma), Italy

Tecoglas Ltd, 13 / B62

Sheffield, United Kingdom

TEMA S.R.L., 11 / F59

Borgo San Salmazzo, CN, Italy


Tengzhou, Shandong, China (People´s Republic)

Tengreat Polish Material Co.,Ltd, 11 / E02

Heshan City, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Tengzhou Huayang Arglass Co., Ltd., 12 / C69-2
天天斗牛Tengzhou City Bofeite Co., Ltd.

天天斗牛Tengzhou, Shandong, China (People´s Republic)

Tengzhou Yushuo Glass Technology Co.,Ltd, 9 / A64

天天斗牛Tengzhou City,Shandong Province, China (People´s Republic)


天天斗牛Beijing, China (People´s Republic)

Teplotechna-Prima s.r.o., 12 / F68

Teplice, Czech Republic

Testbourne Ltd, 11 / E64

Hampshire, United Kingdom

Teta Glass Mould, 13 / G04

Istanbul, Turkey

TGT GmbH, 10 / H38

Emsbüren, Germany

Thieme GmbH & Co.KG, 12 / B22

Teningen, Germany

THIMON, 13 / A38

MERY, France

Tianjin Caida New Materials Technology Co. Ltd, 9 / F35

Tianjin, China (People´s Republic)

Tianjin Sunray Plastic Products Co.,Ltd., 10 / H73

Wuqing District, Tianjin City, China (People´s Republic)

Tiffany Glaskunst GmbH, 9 / D02

Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany

TIFLEX, 12 / D35

Poncin, France

TK srl, 16 / E61

Erba, Italy

Tornati Forni S.r.l., 14 / B21

Montelabbate (PS), Italy

Total Glass Lubricants Europe GmbH, 13 / D21

Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany

tremco illbruck Group GmbH, 17 / C09

Köln, Germany

TU Darmstadt IWMB-FG Statik, 11 / B42

Darmstadt, Germany

Tyrolit Vincent s.r.l., 16 / A42

Thiene (VI), Italy

UNELKO NV, 11 / G42

天天斗牛Zingem, Belgium

Union Instruments GmbH,

Karlsruhe, Germany

UPLIFTER GmbH & Co. KG, 9 / F40

Guteneck, Germany

UV Tech Material Ltd., 10 / H78

Guangzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Valoref S.A.S, 13 / G59

Bollene, France

Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch GmbH, 10 / A21
Redaktion AIT

天天斗牛Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

VETRO TOOL S.A., 13 / F33

Aller - Asturias, Spain

Via Solis UAB - Research and Development, 10 / H19

天天斗牛Kaunas, Lithuania

VIDREMOT S.A., 14 / E03

天天斗牛Badalona (Barcelona), Spain

Vidromecanica Lda., 14 / F13
Lehrs & Tempering Lines

Marinha Grande, Garcia, Portugal

Viprotron GmbH, 14 / E33

Pfungstadt, Germany

VITO Irmen GmbH & Co. KG, 10 / A40
Herstellung selbstklebender Produkte

天天斗牛Remagen, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

VPInstruments, 14 / E56

DELFT, Netherlands

Wall Colmonoy Ltd., 13 / F45

Swansea, West Glamorgan, United Kingdom

WIELAND Edelmetalle GmbH, 13 / C76

天天斗牛Pforzheim, Germany

Wintec AG,
Wintec Autoglas Novus AG

Limburg, Germany

Wirekinetics Co., Ltd, 13 / F46

Taipei city, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Wirth GmbH, 15 / E41

Landsberg, Germany

Xiamen Honglu Tungsten Molybdenum, 10 / B68-2

天天斗牛Xiamen, Fujian,, China (People´s Republic)

Yildiz Cam Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., 10 / F48

Ümraniye - Istanbul, Turkey

Yinhong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., 11 / F71-4

Foshan City, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Technology Co., Ltd., 11 / G32

Qinhuangdao Hebei, China (People´s Republic)

Zafferani Glas S.r.l., 16 / E03

Genova, Italy

Zedtec Ltd., 13 / B62

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Zentner Systems GmbH, 12 / C19

天天斗牛Lage, Germany

Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Ltd., 12 / C09

天天斗牛Zhaoqing City, Guangdong, China (People´s Republic)

Zhejiang Rehone Plastic Co., Ltd, 9 / D27
Zhejiang Ruihua Plastic Industrial & Co., Ltd.

Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, China (People´s Republic)

Zhengzhou Henghao Glass Technology Co., Ltd., 10 / C76-2

ZHENGZHOU, China (People´s Republic)

Zhengzhou Ruite Diamond Belt Co., Ltd., 9 / B65

Zhengzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory CO.LTD, 12 / A03

天天斗牛Zhengzhou, Henan, China (People´s Republic)

Zhengzhou Xinguangse Refractory Co., Ltd., 13 / G89

Xinmi City, Zhengzhou, China (People´s Republic)

Zhengzhou Yuandong Refractory Co. Ltd, 9 / A74

Xinmi, Henan, China (People´s Republic)

Zibo Linzi Xin Fang Yuan Chemical Co., Ltd, 9 / B69

Zibo, Linzi District, China (People´s Republic)

Zimmor Hardware Factory, 10 / B40

Foshan City, China (People´s Republic)

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